About Us

Our story:

In 1976, after completing 4 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, Mike got his start in real estate selling houses full-time in Jacksonville, AR. By 1978, he had worked his way up to become a broker and partner in Jim Peacock Realtors. At the time the company managed over 200 rental properties and when the recession of the 1980s hit it was the only piece of the real estate business that survived. It was then that Mike made the mental note that one day he wanted to own and manage rental properties. Mike relocated and started selling new homes with a national home builder in Houston, TX in 1982 gaining valuable experience working with new construction. Mike went back home to Memphis, TN in 1985 and over the next several years gained more experience in a variety of endeavors; he worked in merger & acquisitions, helped complete residential and commercial land developments, worked as a consultant for several real estate firms, and partnered in a home building company. Then in 1989, he knew it was time to take all that he had learned over the years and he started his own company, Reed & Associates.

Mike continued to build and sell new homes, he also added over 30 full-time real estate agents to his brokerage. In 1995, he started to focus on rental management and offering a lease to purchase program. He started acquiring new homes as rental properties from the local builders leftover spec homes and eventually started managing their rental properties as well. Over the next 10 years, he would build a rental portfolio of over 200 properties and 300+ doors in management.

Fresh out of college, Ben and Phillip started working with Mike in January of 2003. Mike mentored them for several years before they became partners in 2012 and eventually buying the company in 2016 from Mike. During this time, they worked together on many different ventures gaining that valuable experience that is needed to be seasoned and successful; from building new construction developments, helping investors build their rental portfolios, expanding the management to other markets, experiencing & surviving the 2008 real estate crash (a long story for another time), managed for multi hedge funds, and grew the management to 700+ properties.

Today & beyond, we are a full-service real estate company that is continuing to learn and grow as much as we can in this industry. We attend annual national conferences to network with other companies like ourselves so that we can always be learning about new processes and technologies that will improve our services to you the client. Whether it be a real estate or economic crash or a global pandemic, we show up every day to work hard for our families and continue to focus on helping our owners and investors grow their rental portfolios.

Our Belief:

Our business is owned by Christians, and we seek to conduct our business in a way that will honor Jesus. While we are not perfect, we know and serve the One who is.

Our mission is to be recognized for our efficiency through our services for all of our clients. This however is not our purpose in life. We are Christians who believe in the burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the perfect Son of God. The only way to spend eternity with God the Father is through his only son Jesus Christ. It is our desire for everyone to become a Christian. This is a personal invitation to you to accept Jesus Christ into your Life as Lord and Savior.

Roman Road to Salvation

Our Team:

Ben Reed Owner / Agent
901-209-0621 ben@myreedhome.com
Phillip Kemp Owner / Broker
901-209-0555 Phillip@myreedhome.com
Janet Quarles Property Manager
901-209-0623 Janet@myreedhome.com
Jennifer Edwards Business Development Manager
901-287-1411 Jen@myreedhome.com
Annmarie Austin Property Management Team
901-209-0557 PM@myreedhome.com
Jullie Simson Property Management Team
901-209-0351 PM@myreedhome.com
Jarell Cowan Field Services
Mike Reed Founder / Retired

In loving memory of Ana Glass 1985-2023