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We are an entirely locally owned business operating since 1992 that has built a strong reputation in the community over the years. Specializing in single-family homes, we currently manage hundreds of homes for investors, who are located in Memphis, nationally, and internationally.

Reed & Associates is a full service real estate company that offers services in:

  • Leasing – We offer a lease option to purchase and rental program for residents
  • Property Management – We manage properties for real estate investors, builders, and homeowners
  • Real Estate Investments – We offer Turn-Key Cash Flow Properties for investors who are looking to add rental properties to their investment portfolio.

So Why Invest in Memphis?

We love Memphis for many reasons, including the food, culture, and overall spirit of the city. We are experts in Memphis property management, because we have invested into the Memphis Community and know it well. We would be honored to help you start an affordable investment into a Memphis Property today!

We are a company that was founded in Memphis. Our connection to the community is strong, and our reputation is solid. We are a company that you can trust with your investments. Here are a few quick points that we think make our city awesome and worth investing in.

Our NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies is a passionate team that the city rallies behind with a motto of Grit n Grind. They are just one of the many great reasons that we think makes Memphis worth investing in. If you would like to see more reasons why we think you should invest in Property Management Memphis, click here!

Memphis Property Management Blog

Should You Sell Your Rental Property?

Phillip Kemp - Sunday, June 18, 2017
Property Management BlogWhether you’ve owned your rental property for 10 years or 10 months, every investor wonders if or when should they sell a rental property.

Do you have a portfolio of multiple properties and there seems to be one that is always a headache?

Are you an “accidental landlord” that never intended to own and manag...

Google Reviews

Our company engages with our customers to build strong relationships as you can see on our Google Reviews below. Getting feedback is always helpful to us, so please share with us about your experience with our company. We would love to hear from you, so contact us today!

Kirk Linahan

Kirk Linahan

May 4, 2017

I have used Reed and Associates to manage my properties in the Memphis area for about 10 years. They continue to get better every year. As an owner of multiple properties it is often difficult and aggravating to manage from a distance. But Ana and the whole team at Reed and Assoc. make the process very easy. They are quick to respond to both my needs and the tenants' needs. I trust Ana completely. She takes care of my properties as if I was there doing it myself. That provides a great level of comfort. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Lauren Acosta

Lauren Acosta

May 3, 2017

This is a great company to rent a house with! Staff is very professional and very, very helpful! Ana, our property manager, went above and beyond to help my boyfriend and i find a house due to a situation. She really took care of us and made sure everything was squared away. The house we previously rented was in excellent condition and well taken care of. If looking to rent, consider looking into Reed and associates!

lakeisha mullins

lakeisha mullins

Apr 26, 2017

I really loved renting from Reed and Associates. They work with you in every way that they can if you fall behind. If you have an issue involving maintenance request they get right on it. I just don't like the area where I rented from other than that if they had something somewhere else I would have stayed with them. Thanks for everything Ana Glass..



Apr 5, 2017

I rented under this company for 2 years before a new company acquired the property and I never had a problem. Work orders were done promptly and efficiently. They gave me a second chance and were just awesome to work with.

Deana Odomes

Deana Odomes

Feb 15, 2017

I want to send Kudos out to Reed and Associates. They have been really great at assisting me from the start of our business interaction. I like the fact that they are personable and willing to assist you with any concerns. It's not easy finding property management that is dedicated to its people and not just the money. I definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking for a home or needs someone to manage their home. Thanks for all you do!

Tamy Roland

Tamy Roland

Dec 15, 2016

When my husband and I were looking for a house to rent, we were referred to Reed and Associates by a realtor. He said that knowing us, that we would want to work with a company that had a remarkable reputation and that we should make the call. He also added that when you rent from an individual, you are apt to encounter all sorts of issues, but when you rent from a company with integrity, they make sure things are done professionally. Instead of calling, my husband and I went to their place of business. We talked with Ben. He was so friendly and easy to talk with, as you would expect from any "salesman", but Ben was REAL. He answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly. We have been in the house now for over a year. During that time we have only had one minor issue (with the dishwasher). I contacted Ana, our property manager, who immediately contacted the owner to get the problem resolved. I'm very thankful that our friend, the realtor, recommended Reed and Associates for us. Hopefully, one day, we will be in the position to have (a)home(s) to rent. If so, if we are in Memphis or close by, we will definitely call upon Reed and Assoc. to manage our properties.

We are currently offering our Property Management Services in the above areas. If you have Property Management needs outside of these areas, please call to discuss how we may be able to help.

(Licensed in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas)

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