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Do granite countertops increase the value of a rental property?

Do granite countertops increase the value of a rental property?

The greatest quest for property investors and homeowners who plan to sell their homes is to increase the value of their real estate. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Buyers will likely want to purchase a home where they don’t have to reinstall counters.

Countertops are crucial when it comes to kitchen design, durability, and maintenance. When choosing a countertop for your kitchen to increase the value of your property you should consider the price and the type. 

Granite is homeowners’ favorite material for countertops for a good reason. At first, granite was used for statues and pantheons, nowadays granite is an affordable material for property design. The beautiful rock can increase your property’s value, however, you are going to need to install the correct type of granite for your kitchen countertops.

Cost versus value: Are granite countertops worth it?

Granite is one of the most popular countertop material choices for a reason. Granite countertop prices start at $40 per square to $100 per square depending on the granite grade. The grade of granite is determined by thickness, markings, veins, and other factors. Essentially, the grade of granite is determined by the quality of the stone.

If you are a residential rental property owner, it’s preferable to upgrade your kitchen design. Property managers often choose granite to ensure that tenants will not have maintenance issues. Granite is very durable and will not be scratched or broken easily. It’s also much easier to clean than other materials. Therefore, it’s likely that potential tenants will choose a property with granite countertops in the kitchen.

If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen because you want to resell your property, consider that realtors suggest you add several small renovations to your kitchen. Most of the time buyers try to purchase homes with ideal kitchens so they don’t have to worry about construction work.

You need to ensure that the granite you choose to upgrade your kitchen fits the rest of the design and is of high quality. On the other hand, be careful not to overthink. Spending a lot of money on renovations before selling the property is not always the way to go, as it’s not always necessary. 

Before deciding on adding granite countertops, you should consult with your property manager or real estate agent.

Granite Countertop Options

One of the most important factors in choosing a countertop to increase the value of your property is the design of your kitchen. There are different shades, colors, and patterns to choose from. You need to pay attention to the color palette of your kitchen, the flooring, and the walls. 

Interior designers agree that the best type of granite countertop to choose is a shiny and polished look. It’s best to choose a granite countertop that doesn’t look dirty and can be cleaned easily, as kitchen countertops can get messy when cooking.

Purchasing countertops before seeing what the granite of your choice might look like in your kitchen can be scary. However, you have some options, such as Architectural Visualization, to easily perceive the design.

Honed and matte finishes

Honed and matte finishes are quite stylish. This type of granite is gaining popularity nowadays. But you need to consider that matte finishes are more difficult to clean and require consistent maintenance. 

Darker and leathered designs

Although leathered granite design is not very shiny and bright, it is popular among homeowners, as it can suit a lot of kitchens and can create a beautiful atmosphere. Leathered granite can be found in white and gray, but black-leathered granite countertops are the most popular as they conceal dirt.

Neutral tones

If you wish to add warmth and timelessness to your kitchen to increase its market value, you should consider neutral-tone granite countertops. Depending on the coloring of your kitchen, you can choose beige, cream, soft green, or soft blue coloring for your granite countertops. Moreover, neutral colors are more likely to attract buyers and increase the demand for your property.

Veins and patterns

Giving your kitchen some personality can be a bold move. However, it can pay off if you do it right. Some homeowners choose granite countertops with natural stone patterns, veins, flecks, and mineral deposits. A bold design can impact the value of your property greatly.

Care for Granite Countertops to Maintain Value

Once you choose the granite style and color, you need to ensure that the countertops stay in perfect condition. You need to care for the granite countertops to maintain the high value of your kitchen and therefore your property.

You can maintain the perfect condition by cleaning the countertops daily with soap, warm water, and a dish towel. You can also use stronger cleaning products for grease stains. Make sure to clean up right after you cook so the stains can be easily removed.


Granite countertops add value to your property. It’s crucial to have a neat and beautiful kitchen that is easy to care for. However, not every buyer will choose granite countertops as their favorite. In the end, you need to ensure that your renovation costs are recovered in the resale price.