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Is it worth it to have a property manager for under ten rentals?

Many property managers manage homes for landlords with single rentals. You might think that you can save a lot of money by handling property management duties on your own if you have fewer than ten tenants, however, what you save on a property manager might get lost easily when you have to work with multiple residents.

Property owners who have multiple tenants have a lot on their plate. Many factors make it hard for you to profit from your rentals. Even if you only have one tenant, you may need much help in various areas unless you are well-educated and skilled. 


The only way you can make a profit is if you find great applicants to live on your property. You can’t expect to succeed in a rental market if you don’t reach your voice to people. People hire property management companies because they have difficulty advertising their real estate.

Marketing a property takes dedication. You need the right tools and vision to pull off a successful advertising campaign.

  • Platforms - where are you going to put up your advertisement? Can you reach many people with just one website?
  • Keywords - is your advertisement SEO-charged? Can people easily find your properties online?
  • Vision - do you know what people want these days? What is the right rent price for your property?

After answering these questions you might be eligible to market your properties on your own, if you can’t, it might be time to contact a property manager. However, there is more to property management than just getting your property out there. 

Managing Income-Producing Real Estate

Managing an income-producing property can be exhausting. You need to manage people, assets, expenses, and maintenance.

Managing Tenants

It takes a lot of energy to monitor your properties once residents have moved in. You have to constantly check that your rental has not been damaged or vandalized. 

You have to keep determining the right rental property price, as the market is very volatile and what was acceptable when you set the rent might be too much or too little today. Therefore, you need to ensure that your rent price is always right and inform the tenants.

As a landlord, you are responsible for maintenance issues and conflicts. If tenants have issues with each other you have to be the mediator. If tenants have trouble with the neighbors, you have to get involved. If there are maintenance issues, it’s your responsibility to get them fixed. 

Rental property owners can hire property managers to handle these issues. Even if you only find one tenant these problems can become overwhelming. If you have 3 or more tenants, these things get even more complicated when you have to handle every problem alone. You might confuse tenants with each other, the problems between them might escalate, and there might be too many maintenance issues to keep track of at once. 

Property Finances

As a landlord of several properties, you need to do a lot of accounting. Collecting rent is the most important duty, as rent is your profit from the investment. You need to collect rent monthly and keep track of every tenant who has paid. You need to have every date memorized. There may be instances when some tenants have paid in advance while others have not, if you forget any extra dollar, you might face financial or legal problems.

Paying bills is also your responsibility. If tenants fail to pay the utilities, you have to face issues. You need to pay for vendors and you have to pay taxes.

Consider conducting renovations and additional improvements. As a property owner, you might want to make more income as time goes on. So if you want to expand and find new tenants and wish to improve your properties, you need to create a budget and calculate the expenses as well as profit.

All of these tasks can be handled by a professional property manager. Property management companies use premium and useful tools, such as software programs, to calculate costs and income and to collect rent on time. Property managers have the right rent collection systems that save time and are efficient.


A property manager is a useful helper at any time for any property owner. Sometimes, you might try to save money and not hire a professional to help with your real estate business, but find yourself losing tenants and failing the investment. Even when you have fewer than ten tenants. Managing properties alone might create confusion, complications, and issues that cost you a profit. Therefore, sometimes you spend way less money on property management companies than you lose when you try to manage alone.