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Memphis BBQ

This weekend is the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ contest Here’s the link for the schedule Let me say this, I love BBQ. Whether it’s pulled pork, ribs-dry-wet, it doesn’t matter & all the fix-ins. I get excited every year for BBQ fest but the only problem is unless you know someone with a “tent”. It can get expensive. A VIP Pit Pass with parking can run as much as $495 for all 3 days, ouch & muddy (most years). I thought it would be good to list my favorite BBQ places to eat in Memphis. Here’s my top 5!

#5 Germantown Commissary. Located in the heart of Germantown plus provides a great atmosphere. Favorite Dish: BBQ plate; comes with beans, slaw, deviled egg & a roll. I like to sub the slaw & beans for potato salad & onion rings. You have to try them. Also, try their tamales! Melt in your mouth.

# 4 Showboat BBQ. Located at Hickory-Hill and Knight Arnold. Showboat doesn’t get a lot of national attention like some other places but I have found it to be very consistent & very good. Favorite Dish: BBQ ribs & pork combo plate; comes with half a rack of ribs, pulled pork, slaw, potato salad, & a bun. I love their mustard based sauce and the amount of meat that comes with the ribs. The ribs also have a great pepper flavor that’s hits all your taste buds.

#3 Tom’s BBQ. Featured on TV show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. This is a great hole-in-the-wall place to eat with a large menu and fast service. Favorite Dish: RIB plate & Bologna sandwich; comes with two sides, try them all!

#2 Central BBQ. You can’t beat the BBQ sauce station it’s unlimited access to three great but very different sauces. Favorite Dish: Rib plate with two sides. I like the mac-n-cheese and beans. A very close second is the BBQ Nachos You’ve got to check them out.

AND #1 is The BBQ Shop. I love this place their ribs, pork, bologna & BBQ Spaghetti are my absolute favorite! You can purchase their sauces at most local Kroger stores. Their BBQ spaghetti recipe was featured on the Bobby Flay TV ( show in 2004. Favorite Dish: Large rack of Ribs with a side of the BBQ spaghetti.

Honorable Mention list: Rendezvous,, Corky’s,, & Top’s BBQ, One disclaimer about Memphis BBQ joints from my personal experience. It’s best to try a place at least twice because BBQ can be hard to keep wet and tender all day every day. You might get yesterday ribs & pork before lunch and today’s fresh batch after lunch and sometimes it can be a combination. This is why I’m making this suggestion. Agree/disagreed with my list?